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Vikingen Investment School starts now!

What does it mean? Read on below and follow us on our journey to increased assets!

We, i.e. Freya Andersson and Catrin Abrahamsson – Beynon are launching the Vikingen Investment School. We invest SEK 10,000 and use Vikingen Financial Software and the knowledge available in the company, via Peter Östevik to invest in the most profitable way every week. We will share the development and what we do, with you.

Why do we invest so little, you ask?
Partly because we are ordinary women without huge savings and partly because we want you out there, who want to learn more about how you can increase your funds on the stock market, to recognize yourself in us and want to join the journey. Whether you’re younger and a little hungrier with a longer investment horizon (like Freya) or perhaps you’re a little more cautious and have less time left before retirement, we hope our journey will inspire you to learn more about investing by joining us. Our ambition is that our journey and increased knowledge in technical analysis and stock trading will attract more people like you. Investing in the stock market does not have to be difficult or complicated, but we all need to learn gradually and build a solid foundation before taking bigger steps.

How will we proceed?
We will use Vikingen’s models and Peter Östevik & Vikingen’s collective knowledge and the goal is to publish this blog once a week with information on how our investment develops and what adjustments are required in terms of buying and selling to optimize growth. All information will of course be up to date and based on the current global economic situation. Over time, we hope you will also want to contribute to this blog and ask questions that benefit everyone’s development in technical analysis and stock market trading. You might even want to share how you fared when you invested?

The Vikingen Financial Software has a long track record!
Vikingen was launched back in 1986. Since then, the program has undergone continuous improvements and updates. Vikingen gives you access to the largest selection of models to help you make the best investment decisions. The models and autopilots filter out what is most worth buying and what you should sell right now. The charts are extremely detailed and you can display them side by side for a better overview. Vikingen is optimized for both PC and Mac and we offer support in Swedish and English.

Advantages of Vikingen Financial Software

Vikingen Financial Software would like to remind you that past positive results do not always indicate future profits and that all trading is at your own risk.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Yours sincerely
Vikingen Financial Software
Catrin Abrahamsson-Beynon


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