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Stock Market Programs

Vikingen offers the most complete range of tools which helps you to get more control over the stock market. Both on PC and MAC. In Swedish/Danish/Norwegian. Unique well proofed methods help you to sell and buy in time!


Our autopilots do the job for you. Pick an exchange or country and let the Autopilot show you the shares that should be bought or sold. Sort out the shares that have risen/fallen the most or the ones that show a stable trend.

The Drawing Tool

This is for you who likes to draw your own trend breaks, lines, support and resistance. You are also able to set out alarms so that you are notified when the rate or price breaks through, note down important events in the graph and much more.

Huge Selection

With Vikingen you will have access to over 30.000 shares, ETFs, stock options, indexes, certificates, energy prices. Sweden, USA, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland, plus 3.000 equity and other funds from Sweden.

Subscription Plans

Select which package is best suited for you.
/ month
Nordic Large Shares
Important Indicies
Nasdaq Stock
Nordic Stock Fundamentals
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/ month
Unique signals, good performance
One Country Stock Market
Autopilots and alarms
Index / Currencies
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/ month
Vikingen Exchange
Optimized Signals
Tomorrow Signals
Intraday prices, 15 min delayed
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/ month
Includes all features
Includes all price and Index data
Special high performing autopilots for options
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Market Data Sets

With the modular structure of Vikingen you can tailor your subscription to the markets you need without the markets you don't.

Hit rate Vikingen Option

Vikingen has a very high profit chance. Normally at least 85% chance that a sold option gives you a profit.... if you follow the signals in Vikingen.

Client reviews

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
Gunnar Sällberg

Uddevalla, Sweden

I really have great pleasure from the stock chart program Vikingen. Often Sits and tests different settings to get buy and sell signals in different companies and see trends. I get a good support when it's time to buy/sell (especially sell, which I have difficulty with).
Peter Östevik

Västerås, Sweden

When I started with Vikingen, I had 20.000 SEK. The money had increased to 300.000 SEK after 3 years with the help of Vikingen. I never trade without Vikingen. Why should I buy stocks that go down, when I can buy shares that go up?
Peter Thornell

Västerås, Sweden

Thanks for the tip that was based on Vikingen. I bought the recommended gold fund which after my purchase went up 68% in a year.
Patrik Eriksson

Malung, Sweden

An extremely competent program that I have used for more than 20 years. Very satisfied.
Bengt Åke Gustavsson

Stockholm, Sweden

I have stopped using Vikingen, sold all the shares..

An outstanding program that I have had for many years.


Eslöv, Sweden

Förra året gick mina PPM upp 33% tack vare Vikingen – resultat nog.

Tack för en strålande insats för oss som inte kan sånt här.