Detailed Comparison

A detailed comparison of the different Vikingen subscriptions and what they include
Price per month7 USD37 USD55 USD93 USD
Price per year70 USD367 USD555 USD930 USD
Technical analytic modelsFew, about 5Yes, about 60Yes, about 60Yes, about 60 + one super model
Price data PPM-funds, Swedish versionNoNoNoNo
Price data Nordic Large SharesYesYesYesYes
Price data Global Main IndexYesYesYesYes
Company data, About 50 Key figures, Fundamentals, (P/E, P/S,turnover, profit, dividends, etc)Yes, for Nordic-LCAPYesYesYes
Price data Nordic Large Cap, since 1980Yes
Price Data NASDAQ, since 1980YesYesYesYes
Price Data NYSE, since 1980YesYesYes
Unique models, BEST, Peters special, multimodelYesYesYes
Drawing tool, draw alarm linesYesYesYes
Monitored lines for automatic signalsYesYesYes
Portfolio managementYesYesYes
Automatic signal ranking. Auto Pilots. Find the best equityYesYesYes
Price data SpotlightYesYesYes
Program and test own models
Function for own parameter optimization. Back testingYesYes
Save the best parameters per model and per object (share, index...)YesYes
Intraday update, 15 minutes delayed rates for shares, indexes and derivatives
The Tomorrow Signals feature. Next signal levels. Automatic monitored table.YesYes
Autopilot shows alarmsYesYes
All subscriptions, all functionsYes
The option table with Black & ScholesYes
Delphi Option analysis model. High propabilityYes
Auto pilot for optionsYes
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