Unfortunately, we have problems with daily updating taking a long time and have had it for a few weeks. We are working on it and hope it will be resolved shortly. It is enough to update daily once a day and then update the snapshot during the day and it should go fast max 1 minute. It may help to make exceptions for Vikingen in the antivirus/firewall, make exceptions for the folder: %appdata%\Vikingen
You can also ask for a new username and password support@vikingen.se it will solve the problem
To get all Norwegian shares included, you have to reinstall Vikingen and then get a new username and password from support@vikingen.se
Right now we have problems with Norwegian stock prices. Our supplier has made some change and some shares are delisted. We hope to resolve this shortly.


Automatic updating does not take place, you have to click on the blue ring for daily updating, courses until yesterday. And snapshot, the camera icon for updating during the day today. Use snapshot in the evening to.