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Vikingen gör det möjligt för alla att dra nytta av möjligheterna på aktiemarknaden. Vikingen är ett börsprogram för dig som vill göra bättre börsaffärer.

The Viking makes it possible for everyone to benefit from the opportunities of the stock market. Vikingen is a stock market program for those who want to make better stock market trades.

Buy and sell signals are taken from trusted trading systems that have been developed and tested over many years. In addition, Viking packages knowledge and market information in an attractive and informative way. This is to make it easy and exciting to get information from the stock market and make your own trading and investment decisions easier. Long-term investment in the stock market has been the best way to increase net wealth. The Viking enables a wide audience to benefit from these opportunities from stock markets around the world.


The first step towards the current version of the trend analysis software can be traced back to 1986, when the Viking software was released by Delphi Economics. Initially, printed price lists from the Stockholm Stock Exchange were driven by motorcycle to Uppsala, where stock prices were entered manually. Customers were able to download stock prices via a 2400 baud modem. This was before the internet was widely available.

Vikingen allows users to analyze stock markets, shares, funds etc. through fundamental and technical analysis. The Viking was first launched for PC with the DOS operating system, then developed for Windows 3.11 and also for Apple MAC computers. In the 2000s, the Viking has continued to be developed for new modern platforms such as Windows 7, 8,10, 11 and MAC OS. (All MAC-OS but not the M2 processor, then it can be run with the additional program Crossover which costs 74 dollars).

Competitors have come and gone and it is now one of the few surviving analysis programs. Starting with 400 shares, the program now handles about 200,000 items. The program is mainly suitable for those who have money to spare, have good financial knowledge, know the stock market and are amused by charts and technical analysis. The Viking must run on a computer. Many people buy the program because the stock market has done badly and they want it to do better.

It allows users to screen the market for interesting stocks and trading signals using predefined criteria. In addition, users have the freedom to monitor the market. The majority of stockbrokers and investors, for the most part, find it difficult to handle an advanced tool. However, they need the end result that can be achieved with such a tool.


Its main function is to provide buy and sell signals for the stock market, clearly presented in charts and lists.

The Viking is built around well-tested stock market signals that have historically generated good returns.
However, the user remains responsible and will make their own choices about trading or selling on the market. Buy and sell signals are presented in a user-friendly and appealing way. To make a complex process simple.

The Viking provides its users with a tool that helps them make trading decisions for the stock market, regardless of where the user is at the time. Everything is presented in a visually appealing way.


Viking offers signals from the largest Nordic stocks in various affordable packages. These packages can be supplemented with shares from NASDAQ, NYSE, mutual funds, ETFs, derivatives, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland.

Thanks to extensive testing and knowledge of how built-in trading systems work, users are able to select the stocks that have the greatest potential for profitable trading on signals with a managed level of risk.

What makes the Viking unique?

Above all, it is the combination of proven good signals presented in a simple and attractive way.

Good signals

Active trading with 15 stocks for 2 years using mainly the BEST model in Vikingen for buying and weekly trend breaks for selling, gave much better results than what the Swedish stock market could give on average Dec 2019 – Nov 2021.

It is not possible to promise the same good results in the future, but the method still works.

Exchange rate data from the Nordic countries and the US

The Viking offers signals from some of the world’s stock markets. It can be supplemented with ETFs, funds, options, fundamentals, NGM, certificates, crypto.

Local languages and English

Our goal is for the applications to be available in the language of each country. Vikingen is now available in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and English.

Viking’s smart filter gives you daily suggestions for the best stocks at the moment

Try the Viking at half price!!! Works on PCs and MACs.
(All MAC-OS works but not the M2 processor, then it can be run with the add-on program Crossover which costs 74 dollars).

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Vikingen Börs for SEK 185 per month or SEK 1,850 for a year. That’s five kronor a day to avoid seeing the stock market go up without you being on the train.