Day 1. Vikingen Investment School, 13 May 2024!

Glad hund

Today we launch the Vikingen Investment School!

My colleague Freya Andersson and I have Peter Östevik as our mentor and teacher. Peter has used Vikingen for many years and has developed several models himself, including a very useful model called the BEST model!

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Since our starting capital is relatively modest at this point (10,000 SEK), we have in Vikingen under Tables – Stock list – looked for the stocks that rise the most today 13/5, and have a good price for us. We have analyzed the performance of stocks today, over the past week and month. What we want to see is that the turnover in the stock is strong, i.e. that it is traded a lot and that several models show a purchase signal. We have used 4-5 models – including the Price Band model and the Multi RSI model. The models we used are of course available in Vikingen. We offer four programs from the small to the most complete: Vikingen Mini to Vikingen Maxi. Here you can compare the Vikingen programs.

We perform our screening of interesting stocks in several steps, some stocks we have put on a watch list and others have gone through our and Vikingen’s eye of the needle, and become those we have invested in, namely those below:

Gränges AB – good slope up, appropriate price for us, 137 SEK
OEM Automatic has gone through its resistance, showing nice trend up, good price for us, 113 kr
Hoist Finance (acquiring consumer finance), 57.50, good up formation, not much upward resistance. We hope they help many people.
Premium Snack Nordic, only 10 SEK / share, we buy a small quantitity now before the barbecue season. A little healthier, we hope.
Hexatronic (HTRO), good fundamentals and a price for us, SEK 40/share. Purchased.

Several stocks in the Shipping/Ocean related business are interesting, and we chose to invest in:
Frontline Plc, which is on the NYSE and has very good momentum up, and the right price for us, SEK 280, we buy it.

So that was the first investment of the week in the Vikingen Investment School! Now we’re excited to see how it goes! Next Monday (May 20) we’ll be back and we’ll see the results, and decide what we want to keep and what we want to sell.

What is Vikingen Investment School?
And why do we invest so little, you ask?
We are ordinary girls without huge savings who want you out there with us to learn how to get rich(er) on the stock market. Our ambition is that you will recognize yourself in us and want to join us on the journey from beginners to knowledgeable investors. Whether you’re younger and hungrier with a longer investment horizon (like Freya) or more mature with less time to retirement (like Catrin), we hope our journey will inspire you to learn more about investing. Follow us! We hope that our journey and increased knowledge in technical analysis and stock market trading will attract more people like you. Investing in the stock market does not have to be laborious or complicated. We learn step by step together.

To be continued!
See you on May 20!

Yours sincerely
Catrin Abrahamsson-Beynon

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