Best stock tips from Vikings

Buy signal in Helen Of Ttroy

Best stock tips from Vikings

The best stock tips from Vikingen select the stocks that are in buy mode in the short, medium and long term. This time the Viking went through all stocks from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Nasdaq, NYSE. And ETFs from Denmark and Xetra (Germany). All in all, about eleven thousand securities.

The list of stock tips

In addition to the obvious right now, i.e. banks, the program also finds some gems such as NCC and Tobii Dynavox.

Instrument Time Load Volume
ARCBEST 2023-07-20 111,83 449937
BLUERIVER ACQUISITION A 2023-07-20 10,75 426
DNB BANK/OB 2023-07-21 207,1 501863
HELEN OF TROY 2023-07-20 132,41 445315
ICAD 2023-07-20 3,59 2066994
LA-Z-BOY 2023-07-20 31,38 310983
LINK MOBILITY GROUP HOLDING 2023-07-21 13,68 273423
MARPAI A 2023-07-20 1,86 800842
MOLINA HEALTHCARE 2023-07-20 317,13 506080
NATURAL HEALTH TRENDS 2023-07-20 5,81 8208
NCC B 2023-07-21 113,9 267650
RED ROBIN GOURMET BURGERS 2023-07-20 15,53 130985
SOLO BRANDS 2023-07-20 5,48 407419
SPAREBANK 1 NORD-NORGE 2023-07-21 96,3 16396
SPAREBANK 1 SR-BANK 2023-07-21 129,3 9580
TOBII DYNAVOX 2023-07-21 30 147406
TRUECALLER 2023-07-21 40 2716005
UNITED BANKERS 2023-07-21 14,6 2287
VISTRA 2023-07-20 27,37 1512538

Buying tips – but when can they be sold?

A good time to sell is usually when the upward weekly trend is broken. When it is broken, the stock usually either stands still or goes down. The stock has reached an overbought position. Draw a line under the bottoms. In Viking, you can click on the line and have the line monitored by Viking. Make sure that the line is drawn in the future. I usually choose lines 1-2.

What are the benefits of using the Viking?

In addition to the fact that the Viking gives about 90% profit in numbers when it comes to writing options, it is really good in the long run to buy and sell at the right time. It won’t always be right, but it’s usually much better than what you can achieve on your own. Here you can read an example of trading shares in Hennes & Mauritz. Hennes & Mauritz paid 247 times the money! (

Summer sale

Half price on all Viking packages and add-ons until July 31! Act now and increase your chances on the stock market. There are several videos on how to handle the Viking. Discount code REALTID. We cooperate with Realtidmedia. Read about stock market news on

Suggestions for additions:

Nasdaq, NYSE, Nordic Complete, Nordic Stock Markets , All funds packages , ETF Germany , ETF Denmark , ETF Sweden, ETF USA

Viking package

Detailed comparison

Viking Mini –                    Cheap, same look with less features. No alarms or filters. Few models. The largest                                                     Nordic shares  and Nasdaq

Vikingen Exchange         An entire exchange, indices, currencies, commodities, filters with autopilots, key                                                       figures alarms.

Vikingen Trading             As an Vikingen Exchange with extensions to test the best settings and save it per                                                       share. Calculate the next signals, write your own models and test backwards. Prices                                                 during the day – Intraday.

Vikingen Maxi                  Like Vikingen Trading plus all the extra databases are included.

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