Succeed on the stock market with Vikingen Maxi and options

Succeeding on the stock market with Vikingen Maxi

Succeeding in the stock market with Vikingen Maxi and options often involves knowing what volatility is. An important concept for success in the stock market is volatility. The video explains how to interpret unusually large price movements. The relationship between price and volume is also important in determining how the price is likely to continue. It also describes a model in which you describe how much you want as a reasonable return. The course also covers how to create your own models in Viking. After the course, we hope you will better understand the meaning of volatility and price versus volume.

Basic course on options and the Viking model

The options section starts with how to interpret an option’s designation, what does a C in the designation mean? A large part of the video covers the pros and cons of options. What are the risks and how can I avoid them? The Viking has an accurate model for derivatives such as options, certificates and futures. It is called DelphiOptioener01 and was created by the creators of the Viking who worked at Delphi Economics. Probably Erland Holmlund. It has produced very good results every day for many years. Options can go a long way. However, there is a high risk of losing several times on options, so it is important to have a good tool. We believe your chances of success on the stock market with Vikingen Maxi and options increase with Vikingen Maxi. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will succeed, but that is the purpose of the program.

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Succeed in the stock market with the Viking method

The course concludes with how you can work with Vikingen Maxi to find good securities, monitor your own and sell them in time. The method produced 120% results in 2020 according to the Vikingen Portfolio market letter.

Interpreting models for better success

The following models are described in the video: Trend, Trend Break, TrendTriggerFactor, Volatility Signal, Advance Decline, FIBONACCI, Fishnet, House Index, MultiIndicator, MultiPercentage, MultiRelative, PriceVolume, TwoObjects, Currency, Volume Indicator, Volume Oscillator, Wilder-RSI, WBWinner, Stock Market Thermometer. DelphiOptioner01.

Create your own models

In Vikingen Maxi and Trading you can program your own models. The video shows you how to get started and also how the model is presented on the screen.

Succeeding on the stock market with the Viking

There are more videos on technical and fundamental analysis. The entire training series includes 4 seminars: video clip – Stock market program for those who want to become even richer (


ATTENTION! Historical price patterns are no guarantee that the same will happen in the future.

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