Silver is a protection against loss of purchasing power

Reallönerna har aldrig krympt så mycket som nu. Ädelmetaller som silver bibehåller däremot köpkraften eftersom silver är ett skydd mot inflationen.

Real wages have never shrunk as much as they are now. Precious metals such as silver, on the other hand, maintain purchasing power because silver is a hedge against inflation.

Gold has long been favoured by investors, but that doesn’t mean silver should be overlooked. Unlike gold, silver is a precious metal with a large industrial use, about 50 percent of all silver is used industrially. For gold, this share is marginal,

Silver is used in an increasing number of production processes and is indispensable in future technologies. Silver is found in medicines, and because it kills bacteria, it is popular in medicine. Silver is used in the electrical and chemical industries, often as a component of alloys, and in the computer sector. Because of its special properties, silver cannot be replaced by other substances in industry, or only with difficulty. The recycling possibilities are rather low, as the precious metal is often only used in small quantities and recycling would therefore be uneconomic.

A new application of silver launched recently by NASA was the invention of the silver ion engine. When a satellite or spacecraft is in space, all it needs is thrust to move. Until now, toxic chemicals have usually been used for this purpose. Now the silver-ion engine may be entering a new era. Silver is used in the fuel source, together with electrolytes made of silver foil. A spaceship can be moved carefully but much more precisely with this application. At the same time, consumption of toxic chemicals and electricity is reduced. NASA is now seeking licensees to commercialize this new technology.

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