Making money on the stock market with AI

Man meets machine

Can you make money on the stock market with AI? What does AI mean? AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and refers to the ability of computer programs and robots to mimic the natural intelligence of humans and other animals.

Will AI take over and make humans unnecessary? AI has been around for as long as computers have existed, so it’s nothing new. There is talk that stock trading in the US is largely carried out by robots. They have no arms, but are programs with mathematical calculations such as averages, speed, acceleration, inclination and so on. But this has been in the Vikingen for almost 40 years, right? The answer to this question is YES.

Making money on the stock market with AI and Vikingen

How to make money on the stock market with AI and Vikingen and why is it so successful?

There are essentially two ways:

  1. Run autopilots or sort tables
  2. Optimize exchange rates (= machine learning) and autopilots.

Make money on the stock market with AI and Vikingen Exchange

This is the first point above. For example, yesterday I chose the momentum model and let the computer run through the entire Swedish stock exchange. Out came a table of the stocks with the best upward slope. AstraZeneca was at the top (I already had the others) of the table. Then I looked at a workspace with different models and time aspects, (short/medium/long) and saw that Astrazeneca looked good. The partner bought the stock and the next day the stock rose by 6.35%. Two days earlier I had done the same and therefore bought MPC Container Ships. The next day it rose by 14%. Of course, this is not always the case, but it often works.

Good momentum in Astraszeneca and MPCC

Another easy way is to use one or more of the 25 filters included in the Viking Exchange.

  1. Choose a stock exchange
  2. Press an autopilot (=filter)
  3. Judge for yourself using ready-made workspaces
  4. Clear

There are filters for short and long holdings. Or to go through several exchanges at once (7000 shares). Play the results in image loops, rank by slope or whether they have a reversal in trend, and more.

For me, it takes 3 minutes to go through my own holdings and those of my partner and run filters on the entire stock exchange. Why spend more time when things are going well?

Automatic filters in Viking, AI
Viking AI aids

Read more about the Viking Exchange or watch the movie (swedish).

Make money on the stock market with AI and Viking Trading

The most common approach in AI is to let a computer learn from data, known as ‘machine learning’. It is available in Vikingen Trading and Vikingen Maxi. To make as much money as possible, you want to know:

What is the best model and what are the best settings for each stock?

The best results are saved and can be used to give future signals to sell or buy.

This is how you do it in Vikingen Trading and in Vikingen Maxi:

  1. Select models,
  2. Choose one or more shares
  3. Choose the conditions for the test
  4. Drive

The computer will step through the settings for each stock, usually hundreds of thousands of combinations if the model is comprehensive. For example, averages. The model is to buy and sell when two averages cross. You might start with 2-12 and 3-40. The first test will be 2-3, then 2-4, 2-5 and so on.

For each set of averages, the result is saved. In the end, the best result is saved. And you don’t have to do anything! Just let the computer do the math. When the results come in, you can choose whether or not to save them. It may be that there is another model that is better. Or do you want to test your own model? You can create your own models in Viking and test them.

Here are two best weekly models for two stocks:

Two best models and result

Read more about Vikingen Trading and Vikingen Maxi

Is it always possible to make money on the stock market with AI?

Is it always right? No, it will not. A computer can only learn from what has happened before, it is terrible at managing chaos. When everything goes as normal, that is, when “Let the trend be your friend” applies, then it works. But as soon as something happens that hasn’t happened before, people are needed.

For example when Huthi rebels start firing rockets at innocent cargo ships in the Red Sea and the whole world economy changes. Or when a large ship gets stuck in the Suez Canal, or when Russia attacks or when…. Then there will be chaos. Then the human must come in because the creative human handles the situation better than a learned computer on old data.

Own holdings

Unfortunately made some losses when the stock market turned down, sold and bought those that went up instead. Although they might turn down too…



Of course, we cannot promise that the stock market will behave as described above. We only interpret what the stock exchange program shows. You take all the risk yourself on the success of your investments. Vikingen Software Financial AB does not share in your loss or profit when trading securities.

About the Vikingen

With Vikingen’s signals, you have a good chance of finding the winners and selling in time. There are many securities. With Vikingen’s autopilots or tables, you can sort out the most interesting ETFs, stocks, options, warrants, funds, and so on. Vikingen is one of Sweden’s oldest equity research programs.

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