Have you heard of copy trading?

Copy trading eller som det också heter, social trading innebär att du som placerare tar rygg på en annan investerare. Det görs till exempel genom firmor som AvaTrade eller eToro, och när den första investeraren gör en affär så sker automatiskt samma transaktion på ditt konto, enligt i förväg inställda parametrar. Den investerare som du väljer att följa har ingen möjlighet att röra dina pengar, inte heller ta ut dem vilket ger en trygghet.

Copy trading, or as it is also known, social trading, means that you as an investor take the back of another investor. This is done, for example, through companies such as AvaTrade or
and when the first investor makes a trade, the same transaction is automatically made on your account, according to pre-set parameters. The investor you choose to follow has no ability to touch your money, nor withdraw it, which provides security.

In Sweden there are, among others
Nordic Trading
, a group of traders who work on developing their trading through back testing and developing new strategies.
Nordic Trading
offers, among other things, the possibility of copy trading, but also a community for those who feel that they want the opportunity to discuss ideas with other investors. Sitting and trading is sometimes a rather lonely job, which is why it is not uncommon for different traders to gather in different communities and Discord groups. In this way, as a trader, you can ask questions, increase your knowledge and learn from the mistakes of others, while sharing your own experiences and mistakes.

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