Vikingen, is it the cheapest stock market program on the market?

Vikingen erbjuder det mest kompletta utbudet av verktyg och ett aktiemarknadsprogram som hjälper dig att få mer kontroll över aktiemarknaden. Vikingens program finns både på PC och MAC. Dessutom finns det på flera språk, förutom svenska, så finns detta börsprogran på danska, norska och sedan 2023 även på engelska. Unika väl beprövade metoder hjälper dig att sälja och köpa i tid!

Viking offers the most complete range of tools and a stock market program to help you gain more control over the stock market. The Viking program is available on both PC and MAC. It is also available in several languages, in addition to Swedish, this stock exchange prospectus is available in Danish, Norwegian and since 2023 also in English. Unique proven methods help you sell and buy on time!


Viking’s autopilots do the work for you. Select a stock exchange or country and let Autopilot show you the stocks to buy or sell. Sort out the stocks that have risen/fallen the most or those that show a stable trend.

The drawing tool

This is for those who like to draw their own trend breaks, lines, support and resistance. You can also set alarms to notify you when the rate or price breaks through, note important events on the graph, and much more.

Large selection

With Viking you have access to over 30,000 stocks, ETFs, stock options, indices, certificates, energy prices. Sweden, USA, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland, plus 3,000 shares and other funds from Sweden.

Viking’s smart filter gives you daily suggestions for the best stocks at the moment

Try the Viking at half price!!! Works on PCs and MACs.
(All MAC-OS works but not the M2 processor, then it can be run with the add-on program Crossover which costs 74 dollars).

Order on
and enter the discount code
. Valid for 2 weeks. Take care now.

Vikingen Börs for SEK 185 per month or SEK 1,850 for a year. That’s five kronor a day to avoid seeing the stock market go up without you being on the train.

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