US credit card debt exceeds one trillion dollars

Amerikaner lånade mer än någonsin på sina kreditkort under det senaste kvartalet, sade New York Federal Reserve Bank på tisdagen, med saldon som översteg 1 biljon dollar för första gången även om hushållens totala skuldbelastning var i stort sett oförändrad.

Americans borrowed more than ever on their credit cards in the latest quarter, the New York Federal Reserve Bank said on Tuesday, with balances exceeding $1 trillion for the first time even as the overall household debt load remained largely unchanged.

Credit card balances rose by $45 billion to $1.03 trillion in the second quarter, the regional Fed bank said in its latest quarterly household debt and credit report, reflecting robust consumer spending as well as higher prices due to inflation, researchers said.

Source: Reuters news agency

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of New York

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