the leading countries in Europe when it comes to crypto

Studie visar att Sverige är ett av de ledande länderna i Europa när det gäller krypto. det högsta antalet kryptorelaterade sökningar per capita

Study shows that Sweden is one of the leading countries in Europe when it comes to crypto.

– The Netherlands emerges as the European country with the highest number of crypto-related searches per capita (0.13), followed by Slovenia (0.12), Switzerland (0.09) and Sweden (0.06) in 9th place.

– The research provides unique insights into the most popular cryptocurrencies and tokens in 46 European countries, with Bitcoin taking the top spot in many countries.

– Surprisingly, Dogecoin has taken second place as the most favored cryptocurrency in more than half of the European countries, with Shiba Inu following closely behind as the third most favored.

European Crypto Index 2023


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