The eight countries with the highest silver production in the world

Produktion 2022: 1 200 ton. Ryssland är en av de största tillverkarna av silver i världen, vilket återspeglas av dess imponerande silverproduktion på 1 200 metriska ton av metallen 2022. Officiella uppgifter visar också att landets silverreserver uppgår till cirka 45 000 ton fördelade i Uralbergen och annan mineralrik terräng.

8. Russia

Production in 2022: 1 200 tons. Russia is one of the largest producers of silver in the world, as reflected by its impressive silver production of 1,200 metric tons of the metal in 2022. Official data also shows that the country’s silver reserves amount to about 45,000 tons distributed in the Ural Mountains and other mineral-rich terrain.

7. Bolivia

Production in 2022: 1 300 tons. Bolivia registered a significant silver extraction, accounting for 1,300 tons in 2022. The exchange was possible because of the generous silver reserve base in the country, estimated at about 22,000 metric tons. These reserves highlight the enduring potential of Bolivia’s silver mining industry, a sector that plays a central role in the country’s economy. Rich silver deposits are mainly concentrated in Potosí and other regions, often linked to tin and zinc mining.

6 – Poland

Production in 2022: 1 300 tons. Poland secured a place among the top 10 silver-producing countries, thanks to its mining capacity of 1,300 tons in 2022. Although Poland’s production in 2022 was equal to Bolivia’s, the former received a higher ranking on our list because of its silver reserves. Poland’s silver reserves are said to be 65,000 tons (more than double Bolivia’s reserves) and show the country’s potential to mine heavier metal volumes in the future. These reserves are spread all over the country and can generously boost Poland’s national GDP.

5. Australia

Production in 2022: 1 400 tons. Australia’s modern mining infrastructure makes it one of the largest silver-producing countries in the world. The mining giant yielded 1,400 tons of the precious metal. As explained earlier, Australia also has the second highest silver reserves per country, with 92,000 tons. These reserves serve as a strategic asset, given silver’s diverse applications ranging from investment and ornamentation to industrial and technological uses.

4. chile

Production in 2022: 1 600 tons. Chile’s production of silver reached a total of 1,600 tons in 2022. In 2022, Chile’s silver reserves were estimated at around 26,000 tons. The size of these reserves, much of which remains untapped, shows Chile’s potential for future silver returns. Capacity is also supported by the country’s strategic investment in mining technology and favorable government policies for mineral extraction.

3. peru

Production in 2022: 3 100 tons. Together with the highest silver reserves per country, Peru also ranks third on the list of the largest silver-producing countries. The country mined 3,100 tons of the precious metal in 2022, keeping its solid footing in the mineral industry. According to the latest geoscience data, Peru’s silver reserves amount to about 98,000 tons. Given the extensive mining infrastructure already in place, Peru is well positioned to capitalize on these reserves in the coming years.

2. China

Production in 2022: 3 600 tons. China is the second largest silver producing country, whose mines extracted 3,600 metric tons of silver in 2022. In addition, China’s proven silver reserves are reported to be 71,000 metric tons, consisting of both discovered deposits ready for extraction and deposits not yet fully accessible. The huge reserve base ensures sustainable production for China and provides a strategic advantage in the global silver industry.

1. Mexico

Production in 2022: 6 300 tons. Mexico leads the group of largest silver producers in the world with an impressive production of 6,300 tons in 2022. This figure is derived from the country’s silver reserves of 37,000 tons which serve as a basis for Mexico’s persistent lead in the silver market.


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