Sports holiday investors found LC-Tec

Den 24 februari, dagen när alla stockholmare packade för att bege sig till fjällen och sportlovsveckan, kom teknikbolaget LC-Tec med sin rapport. Sedan tidigare har det kommunicerats att filmen Avatar II kom att bidra till en kraftigt ökad omsättning under det fjärde kvartalet 2022, eftersom LC-Tec bland annat tillverkar delar till de glasögon som används för att se 3D-filmer.

On 24 February, the day when all Stockholmers were packing to head for the mountains and the sports holiday week, the technology company LC-Tec released its report. It has been previously communicated that the movie Avatar II would contribute to a significant increase in sales in the fourth quarter of 2022, as LC-Tec manufactures, among other things, parts for the glasses used to watch 3D movies.

Turnover rose 75.9 per cent to SEK 9.5 million (5.4), while the company managed to report a profit of SEK 0.3 million on the last line. On an annual basis, however, it was worse, but this can still be explained by the corona pandemic. Since then, LC-Tec has participated in trade fairs in both the Netherlands and the USA, where it now has a sales agent.

LC-Tec rose, without any news, by 27 percent as sports holiday investors sat at their computers again. With the company’s new CEO, Olle Westblom, who previously helped take Sivers Semiconductor public, taking office at the end of 2022, it is possible that all possible costs were taken in Q4. This is not unusual, nor is it wrong, but it will make the next quarter look better.

A first volume order has already been received during Q1 this year, and as LC-Tec has already communicated that it is working closely with several different camera suppliers, it is hoped that further orders will be received in the near future.

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