Real estate companies are now trading at a premium

Ett exempel på detta är fastighetsbolaget NP3 som handlas nu med en premie om hela 50 procent mot sitt substansvärde. Bolaget har dessutom den högsta snitträntan av alla bolag i sektorn, och betalar cirka 4,2 procent att jämföra med SBB som har en genomsnittlig lånekostnad på 2,1 procent. Trots detta väljer analyshuset Kepler att upprepa sin köprekommentation för fastighetsbolaget NP3. Riktkursen sänktes emellertid till 223 SEK från tidigare 256 kronor.

An example of this is the real estate company NP3, which is now trading at a 50% premium to its net asset value. The company also has the highest average interest rate of all companies in the sector, paying around 4.2% compared to SBB, which has an average borrowing cost of 2.1%. Despite this, the research house Kepler chooses to repeat its buy recommendation for the real estate company NP3. However, the target price was lowered to SEK 223 from SEK 256.

In fact, Kepler is not alone. Handelsbanken has also raised several companies in the sector. Sometimes it feels like the upside down world as we see rising interest rates, several retail chains are choosing to terminate their contracts on premises as rising inflation has caused them to see a drop in sales making it difficult for retailers to make enough profit to get the profits needed to pay for the premises.

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