Most investment opportunities per capita in Sweden

Det finns fler investeringsmöjligheter per capita tillgängliga för allmänheten i Sverige än någon annan plats i världen. Vad betyder det?

There are more investment opportunities per capita available to the public in Sweden than anywhere else in the world. What does it mean?

With 1 113 listed shares, Sweden ranks third in the number of listed shares per million inhabitants after Luxembourg and Singapore. But these markets are arguably the financial home for foreign companies rather than a reflection of domestic investment opportunities.

In Sweden, a large majority of the listed shares (around 800 shares) are SmallCaps, MicroCaps and NanoCaps, companies that you would normally find in the VC or angel segment in most other countries.

This means that a large responsibility lies with individual investors to do their own research, management and risk assessment.

It also means that there is a lot of added value to help investors in this segment, both in terms of analysis and management.

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