Is the stock market going down?

Going down

Is the stock market going down or up? Currently, the upward trend is broken on several stock exchanges.

The general advice is to prepare for a falling stock market. Sell shares, switch to fixed income funds or just leave the money in the account. Other ways to make money when the stock market goes down are to issue call options. In addition, if the stock market goes down quickly, it may be a good idea to buy put options. If the decline is slow, however, it is usually a good idea not to buy put options. You can also buy BEAR certificates in a falling stock market.


Is Nasdaq going down?

Yes, the trend is broken and last paid equals last paid. There is a downward pressure. Below is a weekly chart from the Vikingen. Note that volume does not necessarily increase in a downturn, but the index can fall under its own weight. If there is elevated volume, then it could be time for a rapid decline and time for put options.

Nasdaq is going down
The Nasdaq has broken the upward trend.

Is the Japanese stock market going down?

Is the stock market going down or up in Japan? The image below shows a daily chart from the Vikingen with several strong sell signals. I’m afraid so.

  1. Upward trend is broken
  2. A head-and-shoulder wrap-around formation has formed, breaking through the neck line.

Principal debt formation is one of the safest predictions for a reversal of the trend.

Yes, the stock market in Japan is going down, the Nikkei index is showing a decline in Japan.

Nikkei with strong trend change
Huvudskuldra och bruten trend i Nikkei

Are all stock markets going down?

Is the stock market going down and is this true for all stock markets? Yes, unfortunately it seems so now.

Here is the Vikings workspace showing multiple exchanges on the same image. As you can see, all stock markets are down?

Why? Could it be because the risk of world war has increased?

Many stock chnge indexes are going down
De flesta börser följer varandra

Use the Viking and sell in time when stock markets go down

If you have Vikingen Maxi, you can see which options it is time to buy and hopefully make money in the downturn. If you don’t have Vikingen Maxi, you can still add certificates, futures, index options, stock options, fixed income funds to your subscription to find securities that increase in value.

If you run the Maxi02 autopilot in Vikingen Maxi, which sorts out options with strong signals, today, Thursday, April 18 at 12:30, we get the following proposal to buy: EQT4R270, a put option in EQT.

Own holdings when the stock market goes down

My partner and I sold almost all our shares two days ago and have switched to fixed income funds. The only stocks we have left are MPC, MCCormick, Serstech and Lundin Mining.


Of course, we cannot promise that the stock market will behave as described above. We only interpret what the stock exchange program shows. You take all the risk yourself on the success of your investments. Vikingen Software Financial AB does not share in your loss or profit when trading securities.

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