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Med Vikingens signaler har du en god chans att hitta vinnarna och sälja i tid. Det finns många värdepapper. Med Vikingens autopiloter eller tabeller kan du sortera ut de mest intressanta ETF:erna, aktierna, optionerna, warranterna, fonderna osv. Vikingen är ett av Sveriges äldsta aktieanalysprogram.

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Many investors often wonder what would have happened if they had invested in, say, H&M, Investor or Latour when their shares were listed. Certainly good stocks to own for a long time, but none of them are the best stock on the market.

Instead, the best stock on the exchange is the small technology trading company OEM. The company supplies a wide range of components for industrial automation. In particular, the company acts as a sales and marketing organization for its larger corporate clients. Products sold by the company include electrical cabinets, sensors, valves and locking systems. The market is mainly focused on the Nordic region and Europe.

Anyone who invested SEK 12 500, equivalent to 100 shares, in OEM’s initial public offering in 1983 is a winner. These SEK 12 500 and 100 shares have become worth SEK 3 million over the years. It is increases in value and splits in the share that have caused the value to rise so sharply, and the number of shares to increase so much. The OEM also pays dividends.

No other stock on the Stockholm Stock Exchange has outperformed for so long. Over the last 14 years, OEM has outperformed the index. Now, we know that a historical result is no guarantee of future development, but it is an impressive period of time.


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With Viking’s signals, you have a good chance of finding the winners and selling in time. There are many securities. With Viking’s autopilots or tables, you can sort out the most interesting ETFs, stocks, options, warrants, funds, and so on. Vikingen is one of Sweden’s oldest equity research programs.

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