US housing prices have risen by 40 percent

Den amerikanska bostadsmarknaden, mätt i form av de amerikanska bostadspriserna har förändrats av den mer än 40-procentiga ökningen av bostadspriserna sedan uppkomsten av covid-19. Fastighetsfixare snappar upp och säljer vidare hem till människor som har eget kapital men kämpar för att göra månatliga betalningar.

The US housing market, as measured by US house prices, has been transformed by the more than 40% increase in house prices since the onset of COVID-19. Real estate fixers snap up and resell homes to people who have equity but struggle to make monthly payments. suggests that between 2021 and 2023, around 654,000 US homeowners were far behind on their mortgages when their houses were sold. More than half were sold in pre-foreclosure, and most received less than their home’s market value.

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