US government bonds trade near their March levels

Räntorna på de 2- och 10-åriga amerikanska statsobligationerna handlades kort nära de högsta nivåerna sedan mars, då investerare begrundade de ekonomiska utsikterna och förhandlingarna om skuldtak drog ut på tiden.

Yields on 2- and 10-year US Treasuries briefly traded near their highest levels since March, as investors pondered the economic outlook and debt ceiling negotiations dragged on.

US interface weakness causes 2-year real returns to outperform the 2022 peak.

Yesterday they climbed to fresh 14-year peaks.

The spike was led by revision lower to claims for the unemployed.

Claims now on a flat trend after Massachusetts was revised away and the labor market seems hotter than thought.

The yield on the rate-sensitive US 2-year Treasury bond rose by almost 20 basis points during the session, driven by rising expectations of a rate hike by the Fed.

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