The Blankers of GameStop Have Lost a Billion Dollars This Week

Blankarna i GameStop har enligt S3-partners förlorat mer än en miljard dollar från måndagens enorma rörelse. Gamestop, är nu ett företag på 10 miljarder dollar för första gången sedan oktober 2022. Aktien steg 91 procent på måndagen och har stoppats fyra gånger.

The short sellers of GameStop have lost more than a billion dollars from Monday’s huge move, according to S3 partners. Gamestop, is now a $10 billion company for the first time since October 2022. The stock rose 91 percent on Monday and has been halted four times.

Since April 23, the market capitalization of GameStop has increased by six billion dollars. The return of Roaring Kitty on X has sparked a return of the 2021 meme rally. As a result, $GME is now one of the 600 largest public companies in the US.

The recent price increase is a result of the Roaring Kitty X account “inactive since June 2021, came back to life on Sunday when it posted a meme of a man leaning forward in his chair, an image GameStop had posted on its own X account in February.” according to the FT

There is still a worm for meme shares.

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