Springtime stock tips

Aktier med vårkänsla

Springtime stock tips

Now that the plants are starting to come up, we also want stock tips with a springtime feel. That is, stocks that go up and want to go higher. Which ones reach for the light? Even an ETF snuck in, because it looked so good.

The stocks that feel like spring

These are stocks that I would buy myself because they have good financial ratios and look good on the charts.

First I used my favorite autopilot 03 which filters all 7000 stocks. It shows who is buying in the short+medium+long trend with the favorite model BEST. BEST is a wonderful management model when using monthly data. It’s one of those models where afterwards you say “I should have done that”.

After looking through the stocks and sorting out those that have too little momentum, or come up against strong resistance, only a few stocks remain. But what other stocks are there with a springtime feel? What other stocks are rising unusually, but not too much? In other words: which stocks exceed their mean volatility with good momentum? Preferably with rising RSI. I sort out all those with too high P/B ratios, P/S ratios and P/E ratios. Turnover (sales) may increase. Right now I am avoiding the construction industry.

The list of stocks with a spring in their step

Of course, you trade at your own risk and we do not share in your profit or loss.

The tips usually work well and I don’t have any of the shares myself.

Instrument Time Load
GLOBAL X BLOCKCHAIN ETF 2023-04-13 25,66
SSAB B 2023-04-13 77,4
HALEON ADR 2023-04-13 8,77
FAGERHULT 2023-04-13 64,6
EWORK GROUP 2023-04-13 174,6
SKAKO 2023-04-13 86
SCANFIL 2023-04-13 8,96
EEZY 2023-04-13 3,41

I myself issue call options in SBB and Orrön, or issue put options. I do this every month. Gives me about 3% per month.

Here you can read about the different Viking packages: Detailed comparison

We have recently significantly reduced the list prices for the packages. Except for the Viking Mini, because it was already cheap. I use the Viking Maxi for full control. It includes all the extra add-ons that different countries’ stock exchanges, ETFs, funds...

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