Positive labour market figures from the US

Arbetsmarknadssiffror i USA rapporterar 209 000 mot 306 000 förra månaden. Däremot visar dessa siffror att löneinflationen fortfarande är ett hot, något som bland annat är en effekt av att arbetslösheten är så pass låg som 3,6 procent. Det är inte långt från den botten i arbetslösheten som ligger på 3,4 procent.

US labor market figures report 209,000 against 306,000 last month. However, these figures show that wage inflation remains a threat, partly as a result of the low unemployment rate of 3.6%. This is not far from the bottom of the unemployment rate of 3.4%.

Key US indices fell between one and two percent for the week, as the US Federal Reserve is likely to raise interest rates by 0.25 percent at its next meeting on July 13 and 14.

A growing number of analysts say that they see a slowdown in the stock market and stock prices as a buying opportunity as they consider US economic growth to be resilient. They say they see a soft landing rather than a recession.

In several European countries, we have seen sales of electric vehicles come to a complete standstill. In the US, sales statistics show that sales of electric vehicles have increased by 50% in the first half of 2023, far exceeding the 10% growth in sales of conventional vehicles.

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