Part 2. Video training on getting rich on the stock market with Vikingen Börs

This video training was held on Sunday, January 7, 2024 and is an advanced course based on the Part 1 Basic Course.

The training aims to help you make better trades on the stock market by finding the best stocks and then selling them in time.

Content of the training

The video reviews the main formations that provide good buying and selling opportunities on the stock market. What is a head-shoulder, strong cover or a double bottom? How can you tell if a security is going up or down? What are the best technical models? How can I sort out good key figures such as dividend yield and P/E ratio? What automatic filters are available in Vikingen Börs to find the best stocks? What are MULTIMODEL, MACD, BEST, CYCLE CHANNEL INDEX, VOLATILITY SIGNAL, PETERS SPECIAL, COURSE BAND and REGRESSION? How do I find the funds that are rising the most?

Course leaders

Peter Östevik, a Viking fan with 40 years of experience in the stock market, shares his best tips and experiences. Peter has a background in Industrial Engineering and Electrical Engineering and has worked professionally in equity research. He has won and lost a lot on the stock market. Even created their own good models, as shown in the video.


Historical price patterns are no guarantee that history will repeat itself. You take your own risks and chances.

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