Few buy signals

Few buy signals in the Nordics

There are few buy signals on the Nordic stock markets. Moreover, most stocks even have fresh sell signals. Of course, this could change if there is a change of power in Russia, but right now it looks bleak. The worst is probably Finland, with a downward gap and last paid is lowest paid. That is, it is trending downwards.

A few buy signals

In the darkness, there are some stocks that are defying the decline, but they are not many. If we stick to the most traded stocks, the following stocks look strong:




Husqvarna A

Kongsberg Gruppen

As you can see, Kongberg is trending strongly upwards. One tip is to draw a trend line between the bottoms of the weekly chart and sell it if the price crosses the trend line. In March we gave a buy recommendation for the stock, congratulations to those who followed the tip. The rest of you get a second chance now.

AAK has rebounded and is now increasing in volume. Bettson continues to trend upwards. FLSMIDTH is breaking upwards from a flag formation. The Husqvarna begins to leave its area of resistance, limiting any fall height.

Few buy signals in Vikingen

For those who have the Viking. Monitor your stocks. As you can see, several of your stocks have a sell signal and it may be a good time to sell now, if you have not already done so. The rest of you who don’t have the Viking will have to trust fate.

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Example of a strong sell signal: Getinge

Sell Getinge

It goes fast when a sell signal is given. Above, we see the sell signal as the model shifts to red, the bar is unusually long, last paid is lowest paid, and volume increases strongly on the downside. When you see this pattern, it’s usually a good time to sell. All trading is of course at your own risk and profit.