Did you miss our breakfast seminar? See it in retrospect

Let the trend be your friend: Frukostseminarium med Peter Östevik, Vikingen Financial Software. Om teknisk analys, fundamental analys och konsten att investera med rätt timing i dagens makroläge!

Let the trend be your friend: Breakfast seminar with Peter Östevik, Vikingen Financial Software. On technical analysis, fundamental analysis and the art of investing with the right timing in today’s macro environment!

– Choose the right PPM funds

– Which stocks are trending and fundamentally strong right now?

– Questions about specific shares

Peter Östevik of Vikingen Financial Software, the Nordic region’s leading program for technical and fundamental stock market analysis, provides basic investment thinking and concrete tips on funds and stocks.

The presentation took place on September 29 at Skills Corporate Finance at Biblioteksgatan 29 in Stockholm.

Viking offers the most complete range of tools for technical stock market analysis. Unique and proven methods help you buy and sell securities at the right time! Peter Östevik, the presenter, has been using the Viking since 1987 and is one of Sweden’s most experienced technical analysts. Overall, he has trained thousands of investors in technical and fundamental stock analysis and options theory.

About the Viking

With Viking’s signals, you have a good chance of finding the winners and selling in time. There are many securities. With Viking’s autopilots, price data, tables and stock prices, you can sort out the most interesting ETFs, shares, options, warrants, funds, etc.

Click here to see what Vikingen offers: Detailed comparison – Stock market program for those who want to become even richer (vikingen.se)

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