Breakfast seminar with Vikingen in Stockholm

Let the trend be your friend: Breakfast seminar with Peter Östevik, Vikingen Financial Software AB. On technical analysis, fundamental analysis and the art of investing with the […]

Improve your forex trading with a stop loss

A stop loss can be defined as an (advanced) order to sell an asset when it reaches a certain price point. It is used to limit loss […]

Winter is expected to be more expensive for those heating with oil

After years of skyrocketing winter heating costs, millions of Americans are expected to finally get some relief this coming season – if they heat their homes with […]

Sweden to lift parliamentary ban on uranium mining

Historically anti-nuclear Sweden has announced plans to dramatically increase its nuclear power production. Sweden’s climate minister Romina Pourmokhtari has announced plans to lift the country’s ban on […]

Covid-19 vaccine maker falls after Pfizer’s finance chief warns of worse outlook

Shares for vaccine makers fell after Pfizer’s chief financial officer David Denton said the outlook for vaccine prices this year saw a deteriorating margin. Denton told a […]

Do Candlesticks work in the foreign exchange market?

One way to find good deals, the only way according to some, is technical analysis. There are many different approaches to technical analysis, but one of the […]

Options a great instrument with an undeservedly bad reputation

Standardized call and put options, a type of financial instrument traded on an exchange, are a great instrument, but they have an undeservedly bad reputation. Over the […]

Strongest PPM funds right now

Strongest PPM funds right now The strongest PPM funds right now are doing very well. The best performing funds are Japan, India, America and short-term funds. Since […]

Why income is the key to financial success

What is most important in building wealth and economic success? Is that what you are investing in? Is that when you start? What about your mindset? As […]

S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats sorted by analyst ratings

In this piece, we will take a look at the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats, the so-called dividend aristocrats, sorted by analyst ratings. Dividends are one of the […]