Russian oil finds a wide-open back door to Europe

Middlemen make money when Russian crude oil finds indirect routes to the European market, argue politicians and industry insiders. In fact, it is a wide-open back door […]

the leading countries in Europe when it comes to crypto

Study shows that Sweden is one of the leading countries in Europe when it comes to crypto. – The Netherlands emerges as the European country with the […]

Crypto experts share seven tips for beginner trading in 2023

With Bitcoin reaching 6-month highs and trading above $24,000, many investors may consider entering the cryptocurrency market. However, it is important to make intelligent and profitable investments […]

Is Serstech facing a revaluation in 2023?

One company that was hit hard during the pandemic because it was difficult for salespeople to meet customers was Serstech. Not only did the pandemic make it […]

Mining company options get an exercise price

The mining company Eurobattery Minerals carried out a rights issue of shares with a subscription period from December 7 to 21, 2022 consisting of shares and warrants […]

RoboMarkets allows its clients to trade US stocks without exchange fees

Tired of expensive exchange fees when buying non-Swedish shares? In recent years, more and more investors have noticed that they actually pay significantly more to exchange than […]

Silver price rises as SVB collapse spurs flight to safety

Silver prices have risen this week as its role as a safe haven attracted investors spooked by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. Many investors see the […]

Most investment opportunities per capita in Sweden

There are more investment opportunities per capita available to the public in Sweden than anywhere else in the world. What does it mean? With 1 113 listed […]

Do you trade in cryptocurrencies?

In 2021, 3 percent had bought or sold cryptocurrency according to Swedes and the Internet. It was mainly men and especially younger men who traded cryptocurrencies. However, […]

US regional banks face a challenging future after the collapse of SVB

More than a dozen suspend trading. A crisis has emerged among US regional banks in recent days, as the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has pushed the […]