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Vikingen grundades redan 1986 i Uppsala, Sverige. Sedan dess har det blivit Skandinaviens mest använda handelsprogram för aktieaffärer. Vikingens börsprogramger sina användare möjligheten att tillämpa teknisk och fundamental analys på aktier och andra typer av värdepapper, både fonder och ETFer.

Vikingen was founded back in 1986 in Uppsala, Sweden. Since then, it has become Scandinavia’s most widely used stock trading program. The Viking Exchange Program allows users to apply technical and fundamental analysis to stocks and other types of securities, both mutual funds and ETFs.

Vikingen offers tools for technical stock market analysis, ranging from historical stock prices to the software needed to do your own technical analysis. If you don’t have the time or can’t, or if you want suggestions and ideas, the Viking stock exchange program has the answer to that too. The answer is called Parameter Optimization.

Parameter optimization involves the computer searching for the best models for each stock and finding the optimal settings. In this way, each model is tailored to each individual share. Parameter optimization includes back testing and makes it possible to write your own models and test outcomes.

Best Model signals when it is time to act. The report shows daily which stocks received buy or sell signals according to its Best Models.

Viking already offers a large amount of course data in its initial offering, but far from all of it is available. Tailor the Viking to your needs by adding price data from around the world. Buy all the world’s stock exchanges to get a complete overview of the global market. Read more at

About the Viking

With Viking’s signals, you have a good chance of finding the winners and selling in time. There are many securities. With Viking’s autopilots, price data, tables and stock prices, you can sort out the most interesting ETFs, shares, options, warrants, funds, etc.

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